Essential Services

Think of it as housekeeping that we do on your behalf. Our basic services will save you time and money and ward off operational headaches. It helps you get on with what you are best at - providing your service or making your product.

We can file Income Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT returns electronically.

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Would you rather spend your leisure time doing something you enjoy? Let us take care of your tax return for you.

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Tax Assurance

Personal and Corporate Tax Returns


Our tax assurance services for businesses include the preparation of corporation tax returns or partnership tax returns based on accounts of the business. We do not necessarily need to prepare the accounts (but it helps) to look after your tax compliance.


Our standard service includes telling you how much tax to pay and when it is due. We check your tax statements. We also prepare VAT returns, CIS applications and returns and any other type of return to the UK tax authorities you ask us to do.


We can file Income Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE and VAT returns online. 


Not in Business?


Need your tax return prepared? Would you rather spend your leisure time doing something you enjoy? Let us take care of your tax return preparation.


We have particular expertise in advising expatriates and those that qualify as a “seaman” for tax purposes on their UK tax responsibilities.


Other Chartered Accountants trust us to complete their tax returns, so to use the professionals contact: -




In small organisations, it is usually not cost effective to have one person who is trained to keep up to date with changes in the operation of PAYE, which has become increasingly complex. Now the employer has to operate PAYE in Real Time (RTI) and has to deal with statutory payments such as statutory sick pay, maternity pay and paternity pay.


We regularly come across instances where errors have been made in processing. Typically, these may include:


                        Calculation errors in working out PAYE and NIC deduction;


                        Failure to deal with “casual” or “self employed contractors” correctly; and


                        Timing and accuracy of electronic RTi submissions


                        Failure to deal with forms P11d or P9d


Often, the only time these problems are picked up is during a PAYE or NI control visit from the HM Revenue & Customs. Naturally, the HMRC are looking to increase tax revenues and on a majority of visits to small businesses, this is exactly what they find.


Do not become their next casualty!


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Please email for further information.

Company Secretarial

We are experts at dealing with all the official paperwork normally designated to a Company Secretary. However, we cannot give legal advice.



Our full Company Secretarial services start from £185 plus VAT per annum and include:


                      • Acting as Registered Office


                      • Completion of Annual Returns


                      • Provision of standard Minutes for annual meetings, dividends, resignations/appointments etc.


If you want to form a Company, we can do it for you. We check online whether your chosen name is available and can let you know immediately. Much of this process can be dealt with online.


Costs start from £125 BUT you do receive a company seal, five bound copies of the Articles of Association and a set of statutory books. Not all company formations include this.

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The more time you spend in Bookkeeping the less time you can spend growing your business,

but it has to be done!


Until the 30 hour day is invented, why not investigate the possibility of freeing up some of your valuable time by letting us help you with the basics.


We can use your computer at your premises or our computer at our office or at yours. Increasingly, accounting software is in the “cloud” which means your accounting records can be accessed wherever you are (or where we are!).


We can provide temporary cover to fill a gap or provide extra help in busy times.


We are a member of the Sage Accountants’ Club and also a Xero Partner. This means that we can provide support, training, installation and configuration for Sage 50 Accounts, Xero and payroll on both Sage and Xero. If a Sage or Xero product is not right for you, we will not recommend it. We have experience of working with other computerised accounting packages as well. If we think that another brand of package will suit your needs better, then we will say so.


We prepare the accounts of sole traders, partnerships and limited companies from computerised or manual records.

Our accountants have experience in Sage 50, Xero, Quickbooks, TAS Books and Microsoft Money. You can email or transfer your files electronically to us. Or even better, if it is on the cloud, we can access it and may request certain supporting documentation.


We prepare all accounts promptly and with care. We always talk you through the accounts so you understand the underlying trends and implications.


As part of our standard service we give you details of any adjustments we make so that your computerised records agree to your accounts.


For further information, email Phil Soutter.

Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment (AE)

Every employer must enrol eligible workers automatically into a workplace pension scheme, if those employees are:

           • aged between 22 and State Pension age,

           • earn more than £10,000 a year (2015/2016), and

           • ordinarily work in the UK.

As well as employees (whether through a PAYE scheme or not), this also applies to other people who may be classed as workers for example self-employed individuals working under a contract of services.

What must you do?

Plan early – ideally a minimum of 12 months ahead of your staging date.  For your staging date click on the link:

Click here...

Our recommendation for employers, yet to stage, is to communicate with your payroll operator and your pension provider throughout the planning stage.  Our view is that clients, who have invested time and involved their advisors, have achieved an efficient, effective AE solution.

Employers will need to:

           • have a compliant pension scheme set up by your staging date.

          • assess all staff at your staging date.

           • write to all your staff to tell them how they will be affected

           • submit a declaration of compliance to The Pensions Regulator

Failure to comply with the automatic enrolment legislation will result in some hefty financial penalties, as will failure to make contributions on time!

How we can help?

We understand that smaller employers may not have set up a pension scheme previously and/or they may not have the resources to set up and run AE.

We have developed a cost effective Auto Enrolment (AE) package that will give you peace of mind that you have complied with your AE responsibilities, at staging and ongoing

We have already helped a number of payroll clients through the AE process.  Therefore, have knowledge of employers’ responsibilities and the essential steps an employer must undertake to successfully comply.  Please note that as our AE solution works seamlessly with our Payroll Service, our full AE package is only available to clients who also wish to use our payroll service.  However we can help you in the initial stages, to get everything in place ready for your staging date, and thereafter provide ad hoc advice to support you in your ongoing duties.

If you would like to find out more about our Auto Enrolment services, please contact Zoe

Pension Schemes

As a payroll bureau we can guide you through the setup process but we cannot advise you on the eligibility or suitability of pension schemes and which funds should be selected.  There are resources available to help you to check whether your existing scheme qualifies, or with selecting a suitable scheme for auto enrolment or you can of course consider third party financial/investment advice.

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However the government have established workplace pension for employers, who do not wish to use a private sector pension scheme, with a public duty to accept all employers (no matter how small) so that they are able to meet their AE duties.  This is the National Employment Savings Trust, commonly known by the acronym of NEST.  You do not necessarily need financial advice (as long as you feel that it best meets the interests of your employees, and offers good value for money and benefits for members) nor will you incur a fee to use NEST.

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We will work with you and your chosen pension scheme provider throughout the planning stage to ensure we give you the right service to meet your requirements.

Set up of AE pension scheme

We have developed a cost effective, streamlined service to guide you through the set-up of the pension scheme and then undertake ongoing assessments and administration on your behalf.

Ongoing AE assessment and administration

As well as the initial set-up service, as an employer you have several ongoing AE responsibilities at every pay run.  We can undertake these administration and assessment duties on your behalf, as part of the payroll process, which in summary are:

           • assessing your workforce and categorising them;

           • continual monitoring of the workforce;

           • routine individual calculations and processing;

           • processing opt ins and opt outs as advised by yourself/pension scheme;

           • apply worker postponement if required;

           • preparing the appropriate communications for your employees;

          • monitoring re-enrolment;

           • recording an audit trail of all communications with your employees; and

           • submitting the contribution details to the pension provider.