making tax digital

Making Tax Digital

Are you ready?  We are.  Whether that is advice on how the HMRC initiative will impact upon you or help to make your business or yourself compliant, we can help.

When the project was first announced, HMRC’s aspiration was for everyone to be filing quarterly figures.  The detail of the project and timetable has changed so much since it was first announced.  Probably that little thing called Brexit has got in the way of HMRC rolling out the project.

Currently, VAT registered businesses will have to file VAT returns digitally as from 1 April 2019.  For those impacted, it may mean updating software or processes.  For some it may be the time to look at the area afresh and decide to outsource VAT preparation and/or other tasks.  Have a further look around our web site at the services we offer.

We have heavily invested in the latest technology and staff training to ensure that we have the resources to embrace whatever changes Making Tax Digital brings.

We are ready!


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